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My mother is an artist, and my father is a scientist, and being honest I am somewhere caught in between.

Along with my genetic family, I also have a protein family - my PhD lab at UCL - where I did my doctorate in cancer bioinformatics (biochemistry on the computer).

I am forever spellbound by the magnitude of how us humans are turbined on such microscopic entities, and the striking structures that underpin almost every micro-molecular reaction - proteins are a thing close to my heart (literally).

P.S Apart from being partial to fresh salmon, I do indeed have a favourite protein molecule.



Neurodiversity advocate

Blessed with the solid combination of ASD, ADHD, and PhD - I use the powers of neurodiversity to navigate the under-passed connections of how human psychology can meander beyond the norm. The study of humans, and analogous evolving systems are my life long passion which is fed by books, observation, and intricate sensing which I process through the lenses of science and art in my writing.

My first book baby is called ‘Explaining Humans’ - which uses the microscope of science to shed light on the bigger pictures of social norms.

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Workshops, lectures, podcasts.

Through different mediums, I have gathered my voice; one of advocacy, optimism, and awkward humour to humanise subjects and bring them into a different light. 



I live for a side project.  

From independent collaborations with cancer labs in the Francis Crick, to self-starting ventures into mental health psychology and science, I often find myself caught up in between two contrasting subjects - and happily so.

------ Though this time, it is different. Science is in trouble. ------

With research labs focusing so much on producing publishable results to retain their position in the funding cycle, this poses problems for the nature of research whilst vaporising the element of discovery a scientist dreams of as a child. 

Through investigating how such different subjects can be united - I aspire to reinvigorate the thrill of discovery and curiosity for both the scientists, artists, and most importantly in finding novel phenomena.

This  brings me onto my next project.


One in which art meets science, where I will be surveying beautiful minds across the spectrum of professionalism, investigating the parallels in their methodologies, and how research in one realm can shed a whole new light on the other.

Watch this space...



If you are on the look out for inspiration in your research, your writing, or for empowering neurodiversity then look no further.
I would love to hear from you.



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