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“Best science books of 2020”

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How to Think Like a Scientist, Learn How to Fail and Embrace the Unknown

Science helps us to understand ourselves in a world where we often feel like strangers - but what we know about the world around us, what has already been explored and discovered is only half of science's story. 

Unexplained will explore the frontier between what we do and don't know about the world: where knowledge meets mystery, complexity overwhelms certainty, and the vastness of our universe unspools the logic of science's established laws. Dr Camilla Pang will teach you to embrace the beauty in the unexplained and fall in love with the search for unknown answers.

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My mother is an artist, and my father is a scientist, and being honest I am somewhere caught in between.

Along with my genetic family, I also have a protein family - my PhD lab at UCL - where I did my doctorate in Biochemistry/Bioinformatics.

Using the micro-molecular to solve problems in the macro-molecular is my passion and philosophy.

Along with the medical and pharmaceutical industry, I have a great passion for environmental biotechnology, plant biology, climate science and sustainable engineering.

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Award winning author and autism advocate

Blessed with the solid combination of ASD, ADHD, and PhD - I use the powers of neurodiversity to navigate the under-passed connections of how human psychology can meander beyond the norm. The study of humans, and analogous evolving systems are my life long passion which is fed by books, observation, and intricate sensing which I process through the lenses of science and art in my writing.

My first book baby is called ‘Explaining Humans’ - which uses the microscope of science to shed light on the bigger pictures of social norms, and advocates for neurodiversity being a hidden treasure of human evolution.

Explaining Humans won the Royal Society Insight investment award 2020, making me the youngest ever winner for this prestigious prize and the first person of colour. I am absolutely thrilled! For more, please see my interview in the guardian below: 

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From delivering TEDx talks to live interviews at The Chelthenham Literature Festival, to those hosted by Brian Cox with Bill Bryson, and Jim Al-Khalili, along with being on BBC radio women's hour and Radio 4 science channel and podcasts, I have gathered my voice; one of advocacy, optimism, and awkward humour to humanize subjects and bring them into a different light.

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In December 2021, I was invited to take part in the University challenge alumni series, representing University of Bristol. Joining me on the dream team was Aasmah Mir, Mark Ravenhill and Lucrezia Millarini. It was SO much fun and definitely a bucket list achievement for me :)

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Trustee for the Lightyear Foundation - A charity for special educational needs (SEN) in STEM.

Neurodiversity Advocate for the ADHD foundation

Voluntary researcher for UCL/Francis crick studying SARS-Cov2 and cancer evolution.

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If you are on the look out for inspiration in your research, your writing, or for empowering neurodiversity then look no further.

I would love to hear from you.

Please contact my agent for any queries

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Cheerio, and perhaps speak to you soon!

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